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Atheist Group Comes for HS Football Team For Holding ‘Illegal’ Prayer

The miserable members of the Freedom from Religion Foundation have filed a complaint against a Missouri high school football coach for holding post-game prayers with players.

Despite the lack of any complaints, FFRF insists the coaches at Cameron High, a public school, stop praying with players who voluntarily participate, citing them ‘illegal’ and in violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

KCTV interviewed parents of two Cameron football players, in addition to numerous fans, who did not find the gathering an issue. One player’s father told KCTV, ‘They all want to be a part of it.”

Legal Council at the First Liberty Institute told Fox News the atheist group had no legal basis in court because there were no complaints from anyone in the Cameron community. He described FFRF’s actions as ‘noisy harassment’ and suggested school officials simply ignore the letter.

Perhaps during the next voluntary prayer meeting on the field, the Cameron community could pray for the NFL since 946 of their players have been arrested for domestic abuse, drug use, weapons charges and bashing opponents in the head with helmets during games.

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